[:rs]Pletene pantalonice – Čudovišta[:en]Monster pants[:]

[:rs]Napravila pletene pantalonice, nekoliko njih. Nadam se da cu skupiti slike.
Pantalonice sam plela po ovom uputsvu ali sam dosta izmenila, jer sam koristila drugačiju vunicu i igle

[:en]I have used this pattern to make them, but I had to change the pattern a lot, becouse of the zarna I used.

MEDA – graph patterns and written instruction example for C2C


This is an example of my work and patterns. The example picture is a small baby bear.I did 4sizes of patterns: 50×50 squares, 75×75 squares, 100×100 squares and 100×125 squares. The patterns include four graph patterns ready to print and follow for doing your work.The written instructions are the line by line representation of graph pattern, read in a way you read graph pattern: from bottom right corner, diagonally line by line up to upper left corner.
Graph pattern – all in one – download link


Written instructions – all in one – download link