[:rs]Web sajt za Brod FLAMINGO[:en]Web site for restaurant Brod FLAMINGO[:]

Flamingo - naslovna

[:rs]Web sajt za Brod FLAMINGO. Urađeno kompletno HTML/CSS/JS rešenje a zatim prerađeno u specijalizovanu wordpress temu.
Kompletno urađen dizajn za sajt. Pored dizajna i razvoja specijalizovane teme, urađen je i novi logo, spremno i za štampanje u velikim formatima – vektorsko rešenje.
Godina izrade: 2017

[:en]Web site Brod FLAMINGO. Complete HTML/CSS/JS solution and then a custom wordpress theme made from files.
Completely made design for the site. In addition to the design and development of custom theme, a new logo is created, ready for printing in large formats – vector solution.
Web site is Single Page solution.
Made in:2017

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